Insecure? Most Secure Woman You have ever Met; but your Rollercoaster; isn’t my desire

When you meet a single Mom ask yourself, “Is she a daughter of a MUSTANG?” Not insecure.  Yes, feels alone in Thurmont in safe zone after her Father dies.  This causes her to appear unstable, and not a desirable catch or relative.  All Services Mustang daughters are the strongest, most secure, not to be underestimated woman that you can ever meet.  We are trained since we were born to watch our backs.  Sleep furthest from the door; so our protector can draw.  That makes us insecure?, no security is our #1 concern.  Back to the corner and closest to the EXIT window.

Judgmental, misunderstood, never ungrateful, and totally respectful.  Clear and concise isn’t in our journey.  We were taught to be anything; but manageable. Plan for and be the unexpected. Whatever It Takes!  Make the mends, allow others to be happy over us, open the door and support.

A mustang is slang term in the United States Armed Forces, referring to a commissioned officer who began his or her career as an enlisted service member during the Vietnam War, however, when some Army warrant officer pilots were offered a direct commission to 2nd or 1st Lieutenant, they were usually younger than 25 at the time of commission.  A FEW of those Officer’s were Marine’s.  One of those Officer’s was All Services.

Being a Rock Star! LOVING THE MUSIC!  The last thing one hears; before they die.  One has to understand you are never SAFE.  You are Protected in the USA.  Our Father’s Fought to safe the generations to come.  Trusting a Man as Great as your Mustang Father is a path that won’t be walked.

How I walk as a Mustang’s Daughter with Pride!



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