Roller Coaster of Non-Desire

Addiction is an illness.  When you love someone you help them recover from their illnesses.  You don’t enable them; by buying their addiction or supporting their habit.  You don’t allow yourself to be the victim of their anger as you are the closest one to them as they Love You.

When a Strong “I” gets involved with an addict it is a positive-negative Strong attraction.  They want your life of ease and acceptance by someone with a strong will.  They want to lean on you which is o.k. as relationships are give and take.

How does a Mustang daughter recognize the addiction as a roller coaster ride from hell.  They are outside of the box and are watching the door at all times; but the ones within are suppose to be your allies.  Well the addicts that come out within the 3 foot zone can be your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Husband, Son or Daughter.  What do you do to rebel that penetration.  You go back to your roots and realize the strength lies from within.  You recognize, analyze, and set the boundaries of your life.

Whatever It Takes! morale is standing beside you.  Your faith from the bible is your guide.  The Corp has given you the connects, the means, and the understanding and are there for you 24/7.


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