#Sexism in Lady Ride Share Day

Its been blogged that Out of over 150 Engineers in the SRE teams, only 3% were women? In my experience their are only 5 women to every 100 men Drivers.  Why are the ratios so low in DENver?  Even though the odds of something actually happening are insanely low, I understand the apprehension to fully embrace being a Lady Ride Share Driver. There are over 1 million rides on the platform worldwide each day yet there are only a couple stories about bad things happening. We just hear about every single alleged incident since Uber is in the Trump media spotlight right now. I would even go so far as to say that there are even more bad things happening between Ride Share Drivers and taxicabs but those stories just aren’t reported as in DEN our lots share a boundry fence.  Often you see “Yellow” vehicles minus the logos in our lot or taxidrivers walking our lot with handheld app devices and our rides stop moving in the que.

Maybe DEN should add features like an SOS button in India for the late nights in the airport holding lots.  

Wonder if the new women-only rideshare service, Chariot for Women, will come to DEN?  Chariot for Women, which plans to launch in Boston, will only work with female drivers and serve only women, people who identify as women and male children ages twelve and under in the company of women. Chariot for Women name change to:

Harrasment of Lady Ride Share Drivers at DEN like the 1970s.  The airport typically grants tickets appropriate to market share for the taxis, but some how achieves $300+ for Ride Share Drivers and often without cause due to quota.  

Why issue a ticket after 20 minutes dilemia when truly the Lady Uber driver never drove in the opposite direction; so how could she of made a U turn?  But, the choice is not work and defend in court 8 hrs plus or take point reduction and pay? What a choice for not doing anything wrong other than looking good.  Where was the no U turn sign? Check back later for pics if proof.  (Please FOLLOW this Blog)


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