Uber Queue Position Going Up? Not down? at DEN Airport

I was at 31 system reset Position UP to 115 and this is the response I receive:  “So sorry to hear about the issue at the airport, Janet. Let me explain this further.
We would love to reset your position and put you right at the top in that list so that you can get the trip at the earliest, however, we hope you would understand that positioning of our partners is an automated process and is performed by the system in the background on which we do not have any direct control. This queue system has been put in place to control the huge rush we have from our driver partners willing to drive at the airport and maximize their income. This gives equal opportunity to all. 
I will suggest, in such situations the best thing to do would be to keep a few trips outside the airport. This will refresh your position in the queue. Also, it will not waste your time waiting for a trip for a very longer period of time. We have been receiving this as an issue from many of our driver partners and we are working towards getting some solution to it soon.

We totally appreciate your understanding with your concern and I appreciate your steadiness expertise in handling this kind of situation. We are happy that we have a partner like you who handle challenging experiences like this in the most efficient and professional way.

Should you have any other concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out or you can always get in touch through the Help section of the app. “


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