HUCKLEBERRY ROASTERS – Coffee First Lady Ride Share Driver DEN

Need a caffeine fix, but tired of chain cappuccinos? From intense espresso and powerful americanos to full-fat lattes and flat whites, Lady Ride Share Driver DEN was on the quest for an independent blend.

To help you find our local gem:

Huckleberry Roasters is a well-rated, well-lit, and quiet cafe in the Denver area. That makes it perfect as a study spot.

The exterior is painted cinderblock with the name stamp don’t be swayed away.
Shopping Always Required:


4301 N Pecos St, Denver, CO 80211

(866) 558-2201



Uber Queue Position Going Up? Not down? at DEN Airport

I was at 31 system reset Position UP to 115 and this is the response I receive:  “So sorry to hear about the issue at the airport, Janet. Let me explain this further.
We would love to reset your position and put you right at the top in that list so that you can get the trip at the earliest, however, we hope you would understand that positioning of our partners is an automated process and is performed by the system in the background on which we do not have any direct control. This queue system has been put in place to control the huge rush we have from our driver partners willing to drive at the airport and maximize their income. This gives equal opportunity to all. 
I will suggest, in such situations the best thing to do would be to keep a few trips outside the airport. This will refresh your position in the queue. Also, it will not waste your time waiting for a trip for a very longer period of time. We have been receiving this as an issue from many of our driver partners and we are working towards getting some solution to it soon.

We totally appreciate your understanding with your concern and I appreciate your steadiness expertise in handling this kind of situation. We are happy that we have a partner like you who handle challenging experiences like this in the most efficient and professional way.

Should you have any other concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out or you can always get in touch through the Help section of the app. “


Electric Dream Boutique

What a girls dream!  Do you have your own boutique on wheels?  Driving the streets of Denver all of sudden I saw Mobile shopping and it wasn’t a food truck.

Clothing and accessories for those who can’t easily be defined! Free spirits. Lovers. Travel junkies. Unique queen bees! Based out of Denver, CO! They strive to find you stylish pieces that are cute, comfortable and don’t break the bank!  Full of wanderlust and love!


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Roads of Lady Ride Share Driver DEN  – Red Rock to DEN to Boulder to DEN 

When you wake up in the morning as a rideshare driver you have no clue who you will spend your day with or where.  I started my day by going to Morrison taking the cook to work at the (formerly only know for its ice cream now a full service restaurant with bar):

Learned about Margarita’s:

Decided to swing by Red Rock Ampitheater built by the civil engineering Corp in 1962 for Me Time.

Than a rider was flying to Canada who normally goes to Peru back down to DEN we go.  Ok road trip again a French Restaurant owner in Miami has decided to open a Bakery in Boulder stayed tuned I have the inside scoop on Grand Opening.   While I was in Boulder I learned the best little all in one spa where the CU Ladies hangout: wax, tan, nails, and hair.


#LadyRideShareDENMisses Rocky Mountain View at DEN

Today is not a clear day – If it’s a pretty clear day, you can see the Rocky Mountains from Denver International Airport.  One can easily see Pikes Peak from DEN on clear days. 

Not today, your best bet normally for a mountain view would be on the Concourse A bridge to the main terminal. Other than that, you can walk to the west end of the each of the concourses.  View from the window by Gate B16 is amazing! 

Want a beautiful landscape of the Rocky Mountains.  Head to Concourse C; the best mountain view is by gates C23 and C24.  Get yourself some Rocky Mountain Oysters at Timberline Steaks & Grille in concourse C.  

When you can’t see the Rockies at DEN there is fresh powder on the mountains.  The storm did bring a nice fresh dump of powder for the ski areas with most resorts getting 6 to 10 inches of snow in the past 24 hours.  The snow will be winding down in the mountains as well and all weather alerts will be allowed to expire over the high country shortly after rush hour today. 

Yeah!  Lady Ride Share DEN likes her Rocky Mountain View!!! Snow flurries at DEN and shorts aren’t the dress LA friends.  Yes, its the law you have to be 21 to buy weed and even if you were old enough it won’t keep you warm (out of the mouths of babes). 

Trust me the supersaver fare from LA to Atlanta has a 9 hour layover not 6 and No I don’t recommend walking around Denver in shorts don’t you see these snowflakes.  Even the Uber drivers are bailing (189 to 60) – when You can’t see the Rockies from DEN it’s going to be a serious snow storm. Surge now 1.2 to 3X know your rate and be safe!


#Weekend Lady Ride Share DEN Knows the Backyard News

Being a Ride Share Driver gives you a wealth of knowledge about the current events in your hometown.  Ever wonder what truly is happening in your own backyard?

What restaurant chain is opening a new restaurant in Denver Rino Area (River North Art District)  in July 2017?  Who is the new Sous Chef?  Hint:  Zach, Broiler, OceanPrime Was  500+ last night for Restaurant Week.

A ski patrol from Flag Staff Arizona taught me all about the Non traditional martial arts with guns & knives after he attended a 3 day camp with instructional all being on a bus!?! 

In our own Golden, CO backyard -the Colorado Taekwondo Institute (CTI) has been teaching Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts in Colorado for over 30 years. Certified by the American Martial Arts, Sports and Education Association (AMASEA).

Being in the News! Go visit Tyler the Manager at American Eagle, Colorado Mills.