#Weekend Lady Ride Share DEN Knows the Backyard News

Being a Ride Share Driver gives you a wealth of knowledge about the current events in your hometown.  Ever wonder what truly is happening in your own backyard?

What restaurant chain is opening a new restaurant in Denver Rino Area (River North Art District)  in July 2017?  Who is the new Sous Chef?  Hint:  Zach, Broiler, OceanPrime Was  500+ last night for Restaurant Week.

A ski patrol from Flag Staff Arizona taught me all about the Non traditional martial arts with guns & knives after he attended a 3 day camp with instructional all being on a bus!?! 

In our own Golden, CO backyard -the Colorado Taekwondo Institute (CTI) has been teaching Moo Sul Kwan Martial Arts in Colorado for over 30 years. Certified by the American Martial Arts, Sports and Education Association (AMASEA).

Being in the News! Go visit Tyler the Manager at American Eagle, Colorado Mills.


#USAFA Cadet Presidents Day Weekend

The United States Air Force Academy, is a military academy for officer cadets of the United States Air Force. Its campus is located in the western United States in Colorado, immediately north of Colorado Springs in El Paso County.  The Acceptance rate: 12.3%.  On this President’s Day we remember when President John F. Kennedy visited the Academy on June 5, 1963.  

At 6 pm the Cadet lands at DEN; so proud to say his destination was the Air Force Academy and he hopes to be assigned the job of pilot.  He is a sophmore and he won’t find out till the beginning of his senior year.  He decided at a young age this was his goal and received not just one; but three letters of recommendation towards entrance.

Being a military brat myself we discussed the decisions they lay ahead for him.  He doesn’t have a girlfriend as planned, decided to never date another corp member; and knows enough for his career how important it is that she knows protocol.  


#USAFA Cadet Lands DEN

Being a military brat I realize the sacrifies that one gives for their country.  When the sophmore cadet arrived at DEN it was at a point of exhaustion and stress as a paper & test were due in the morning.  I tried to ease the stress by talking about his future career and his current accomplishments. 

We shared the success that we both had jumped out of planes on our hour plus ride to the base which they all always talk about the chapel on the way in from the North Gate.  

The Cadet Chapel at the Air Force Academy serves as the main place of multiple faith worship for 4,000 cadets.  The vision is breathtaking as you arrive on base at night.

 Academy education is valued at more than $416,000, yet offered at no cost to the cadets.  My ride share passenger share that he received THREE recommendation letters for his entrance which is insanely awesome.

By the end of the trip we had discussed his future wife requirements of her not being a member of the services and smart enough to host a fine dinner with protocol.  He was sad, just leaving his family in Boston we talked about all the support systems for him.  I shared that he would always have military family wherever he goes and veteran support like the Hogs and Heroes Foundation that I had been significantly involved in which is a community of motorcyclists that support Public Safety, and the U.S. Military throughout the USA.

Unfortunately, Texas A&M officials are confirming that a member of the Corps of Cadets was killed in a car crash with an 18-wheeler, according to Brazos County Sheriff’s Office.  The 2016-2017 Aggie Band Command Sergeant Major, Alexander Jones, crossed the centerline and struck a semi-truck head-on in the 6200 block of West Highway 21, just west of the city of Bryan.  Luckily Lady Ride Share of DEN was able to assure one Cadet a safe ride to base.

As requested:  https://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.jordan.12/posts/1221310531237962


#Teachers Sick – Teacher Feels Guilty; but very caring to the point he Ride Shared to doctors

How his day started — Firstly there’s the having to drag himself out of sick bed to the doctors after calling in and being ordered to write cover lessons which always seems like a terrible imposition. Planning cover always seems at least twice as difficult (and definitely takes twice as long) as planning a lesson for when You know You’ll be present to deliver it. Added to that is the knowledge that the cover teacher may or may not bother with my intricately planned masterpiece and, even if they do, the kids’ work rate drops through the floor.
The guilt set in for the middle school DENver math teacher and as we approached his home even his neighbor was out inquiring why he didn’t drive. 


#Sexism in Lady Ride Share Day

Its been blogged that Out of over 150 Engineers in the SRE teams, only 3% were women? In my experience their are only 5 women to every 100 men Drivers.  Why are the ratios so low in DENver?  Even though the odds of something actually happening are insanely low, I understand the apprehension to fully embrace being a Lady Ride Share Driver. There are over 1 million rides on the platform worldwide each day yet there are only a couple stories about bad things happening. We just hear about every single alleged incident since Uber is in the Trump media spotlight right now. I would even go so far as to say that there are even more bad things happening between Ride Share Drivers and taxicabs but those stories just aren’t reported as in DEN our lots share a boundry fence.  Often you see “Yellow” vehicles minus the logos in our lot or taxidrivers walking our lot with handheld app devices and our rides stop moving in the que.

Maybe DEN should add features like an SOS button in India for the late nights in the airport holding lots.  

Wonder if the new women-only rideshare service, Chariot for Women, will come to DEN?  Chariot for Women, which plans to launch in Boston, will only work with female drivers and serve only women, people who identify as women and male children ages twelve and under in the company of women. Chariot for Women name change to:

Harrasment of Lady Ride Share Drivers at DEN like the 1970s.  The airport typically grants tickets appropriate to market share for the taxis, but some how achieves $300+ for Ride Share Drivers and often without cause due to quota.  

Why issue a ticket after 20 minutes dilemia when truly the Lady Uber driver never drove in the opposite direction; so how could she of made a U turn?  But, the choice is not work and defend in court 8 hrs plus or take point reduction and pay? What a choice for not doing anything wrong other than looking good.  Where was the no U turn sign? Check back later for pics if proof.  (Please FOLLOW this Blog)


Cozumel Life with Giggles

Each Day has 1,440 minutes “Walk in wisdom” and “make the most of your time & your life” — (Colossians 4:5 & Emphesian 5:15) “Mount up with wings like eagles” (Isaiah 40:31)A time, the first time & an early time – Descriptive Accountability – guard your time 

Sow a thought, reap an action, Sow an action, reap a habit, Sow a habit, reap a character, Sow a character, Reap a Destiny

Now about our business Avant Data


Roller Coaster of Non-Desire

Addiction is an illness.  When you love someone you help them recover from their illnesses.  You don’t enable them; by buying their addiction or supporting their habit.  You don’t allow yourself to be the victim of their anger as you are the closest one to them as they Love You.

When a Strong “I” gets involved with an addict it is a positive-negative Strong attraction.  They want your life of ease and acceptance by someone with a strong will.  They want to lean on you which is o.k. as relationships are give and take.

How does a Mustang daughter recognize the addiction as a roller coaster ride from hell.  They are outside of the box and are watching the door at all times; but the ones within are suppose to be your allies.  Well the addicts that come out within the 3 foot zone can be your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Husband, Son or Daughter.  What do you do to rebel that penetration.  You go back to your roots and realize the strength lies from within.  You recognize, analyze, and set the boundaries of your life.

Whatever It Takes! morale is standing beside you.  Your faith from the bible is your guide.  The Corp has given you the connects, the means, and the understanding and are there for you 24/7.