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Roads of Lady Ride Share Driver DEN  – Red Rock to DEN to Boulder to DEN 

When you wake up in the morning as a rideshare driver you have no clue who you will spend your day with or where.  I started my day by going to Morrison taking the cook to work at the (formerly only know for its ice cream now a full service restaurant with bar):

Learned about Margarita’s:

Decided to swing by Red Rock Ampitheater built by the civil engineering Corp in 1962 for Me Time.

Than a rider was flying to Canada who normally goes to Peru back down to DEN we go.  Ok road trip again a French Restaurant owner in Miami has decided to open a Bakery in Boulder stayed tuned I have the inside scoop on Grand Opening.   While I was in Boulder I learned the best little all in one spa where the CU Ladies hangout: wax, tan, nails, and hair.